ProMate 6.0

Standard softener with advanced Vortech™ technology


Built around a Vortech™ distribution plate with Superior Flow technology and featuring 10% commercial grade resin, the ProMate 6.0 uses less water and retains efficiency longer than most entry level water softener systems—all while reducing energy costs by maintaining ENERGY STAR ratings.

Hellenbrand ProMate 6 P

Modular Design

Our exclusive exchangeable parts system makes our Promate water softener the last softener you will ever need to buy.

Each part is removable, making it easy to clean and maintain. If a part breaks, you don’t need to replace the whole softener. Just bring it to us and we’ll exchange it.

High-efficiency technology minimizes how much salt and water you use, and operates on ultra low power consumption. Water softening is based on how much water you use.

The Promate control valve learns your water usage over time, so your softener only regenerates when it needs to. This saves energy and water.


Although it may be years before the first service is required, Promate offers the strongest warranties in the industry. It really is the last softener you’ll ever have to buy.

Each part is removable, making it easy to clean and maintain. If a part breaks, you don’t need to replace the whole softener.


When you buy a softener, we’ll install it in your home for free. Have peace of mind that your water softener is installed correctly and working properly.Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

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Longer System Life

Extends life of your dishwasher and other water-using appliances

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Use Less Soap

Saves up to 70% on soap and water usage from hard water

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Brighter Clothes

Makes clothing whiter, brighter and less scratchy

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Cleaner Fixtures

Cleaner fixtures, stain-free sinks, tubs and showers

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Spot Free Dishes

Softer water means no spots on your dishes

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Softer Skin

Softer skin and more manageable hair

Features of the ProMate 6.0 Water Softener

  • Premium 10% commercial grade resin
  • Digital display with user-friendly electronics
  • Customize settings to your family’s needs
  • Variable reserve automatically adjusts to your changing water usage
  • Full-flow bypass valve provides the convenience of bypassing the water softener
  • Back-lit display makes it easy to read and alerts you of system notifications
  • Corrosion-resistant control valve, body and tanks for a longer life
  • Insulated sweat jacket to prevent sweating
  • All internal components are lead free

How the ProMate 6.0 works to soften your water

As hard water moves through the tank, resin beads attract and collect hard water minerals by exchanging them with sodium. As water passes through the resin bed it’s softened and ready for use. When the resin beads become saturated with hard water minerals, the regeneration cycle flushes them with brine solution, recharging the beads with sodium ions. Hardness minerals and excess brine are rinsed down the drain. Leaving you with only the best soft water.

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Hellenbrand Water Center Customer Service employee wearing jeans and a light blue shirt.Hard water is high in minerals like calcium, magnesium and carbonate. It can occur with both city and well water, and takes a huge toll on your home, clogging up your appliances, creating spotty dishes and leaving your skin dry and your clothes dull and scratchy.

But with a Hellenbrand single- or twin-tank home water softening system you can reduce the effect these minerals have on you, and your home. Softeners remove unwanted contaminants before your water even travels through your pipes, into your water-using appliances or before you switch on the taps of your bathrooms and kitchen—giving you softened, mineral-free water to every room in your home.

Hellenbrand Water Center Customer Service employee wearing jeans and a light blue shirt.Softening water involves a process called “ion exchange,” which removes dissolved minerals like as calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese—particles that can’t be trapped in a filter bed. To remove these particles, softening systems contain hundreds of resin beads charged with sodium. As water enters the tank, dissolved calcium and magnesium are attracted to the resin, forcing the resin to exchange its sodium for the dissolved chemicals and freeing the water of impurities.

Filtering water removes impurities using either physical barriers, chemical processes or biological processes. Each method cleanses water to a varying degree to suit specific water uses like drinking water, irrigation, aquariums, ponds and swimming pools.

Hellenbrand Water Center Customer Service employee wearing jeans and a light blue shirt.Whether you have a city or well water source, iron is a contaminant that often makes it into your home, if left unfiltered, iron can cause your water to have a metallic taste and create hard-to-remove rust stains on household fixtures and appliances.

Hellenbrand has several filtration technologies that help reduce or remove iron from your home. Like the patented twin-tank Iron Curtain 2.0™ that uses oxygen to filter out iron, manganese and sulfur particles. Or the Hellenbrand ProMate 6 Storm, which uses ozone to precipitate out iron, manganese and sulfur to reduce nuisance bacteria.

Hellenbrand Water Center Customer Service employee wearing jeans and a light blue shirt.Most municipalities don’t soften water in a central location before providing it to your home. This unsoftened water can cause a buildup of minerals, also called “scale,” and can harm the efficiency and shorten the lifetime of your water-using appliances and fixtures. Even if your municipality is using surface water, reservoirs or lake water you may need a softener to help reduce the buildup of minerals in your home. Your local water pro will be able to test and verify if you’ll need a softener to reduce or remove minerals from your water supply.