Iron Curtain Filtration System

Filter iron and reduce rotten egg odor without chemicals


Your business is unique and so are your customers. The Iron Curtain Filtration System was created with customization in mind. Depending on the needs of your business and levels of iron throughout your area, Hellenbrand Water Center will customize an Iron Curtin to suit the needs of your business. The proven performance of the Iron Curtain is just what your company needs to rid your water of iron taste, stains and odors.

Hellenbrand Iron Curtain P Iron Filtration System

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Reliable Performance

Proven patented design means years of reliable performance and efficient operation


Chemical Free

Chemical free means no potassium permanganate, salt or chlorine


Continuous Flow

Rated for continuous flow rates from 2.7 gpm to 476 gpm at 5 gpm/square foot


Extended System Life

Extends the life and efficiency of processing and heat exchange systems


Patented System

Iron Curtain offers proven patented reliability only Hellenbrand can offer 


Higher Flow Rates

Multi-tank systems provide higher flow rates than competing systems


Cost Savings

Lower operating costs which will benefit any business


System Design

System designs are available to meet both your service flow and backwash rate requirements

Features of the Iron Curtain Filtration System

  • Single, twin, triplex and quad systems available
  • Available with 1.25″, 1.5″, 2.0″ and 3.0″ smart controllers
  • Fiberglass or steel tank construction
  • Requires no air injectors, venturis or micronizers which eliminates both excessive pressure drops and service problems
  • Proven and patented technology
  •  Top or side-mount designs are available
  • Iron Curtain Remote Control Center (ICRCC)

How Does Excess Iron Affect My Water?  

No matter your water source, iron is a common contaminant. The longer it goes untreated, the more staining and iron build-up will occur, reducing the efficiency of sprinklers, wells, water pumps and other similar water-using appliances. 

With a Patented Iron Curtain® Filtration system from Hellenbrand, you can prevent iron buildup from damaging your machinery, reduce operating and maintenance costs and make sure you have consistent and reliable water quality. The Iron Curtain® Filtration system is designed for a range of commercial applications like schools, restaurants, food processing plants, pre-treatment applications, irrigation systems, hotels, fish farms and livestock applications, and requires no chemicals for operation or regeneration. 

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Hellenbrand Water Center Customer Service employee wearing jeans and a light blue shirt.You could be due for a filter change or might need a different kind of filter cartridge if there have been changes in your water.

Hellenbrand Water Center Customer Service employee wearing jeans and a light blue shirt.A water softening system removes contaminants in your water so your skin is rinsed completely, without hard water minerals left behind to trap residue and traces of soap, dead skin cells and other particles that can make your skin feel dry and scratchy. The slippery softness you feel is what your skin is supposed to feel like.

Hellenbrand Water Center Customer Service employee wearing jeans and a light blue shirt.Hellenbrand products are built for ultimate efficiency and use less water and salt than most competing systems. However, if for some reason your water isn’t feeling very soft and the level of salt isn’t decreasing, give us a call.

Hellenbrand Water Center Customer Service employee wearing jeans and a light blue shirt.Mineral build-up caused by hard water can reduce the efficiency of your water heater up to 24% while softened water can help maintain its original factory efficiency ratings over a 15-year lifetime.

Softened water also helps keep your shower heads and faucets at their highest flow rate longer—while fixtures exposed to hard water can lose up to 75% of flow rate in less than 18 months.