Straight from Our Customers

My wife and I wanted to thank you and Kyle for our experience with Hellenbrand. Kyle replaced the 35 water softener, today. Kyle was personable yet professional. The system looks great! There was no fuss and no mess. The previous water softener had some hanging/suspended PVC pipes, which were unattractive. When Kyle was done, the PVC pipes were attached to the wall, with no strings (literally) attached. Shannan was so impressed that she took a picture and posted it on FB. Kyle was a pleasure to work with. I will recommend Hellenbrand to anybody who is looking for a softener solution and wanting to work for a professional and conscientious staff. Thanks again, to both of you.
— Michael
Our old water softener was making a terrible noise so I finally called Hellenbrand. I researched water softeners before I called here and on the web. After a few questions they gave me a quote over the phone and set up a time to install. They actually recommended a cheaper model than what I thought I needed! The installer (Doug?) showed up right on time, and did everything in a very professional manner. When I told him I wanted to shop-vac behind the old unit before he put the new unit in, he said he would do it! He hauled out the old unit and cleaned everything up, showed us how the new one worked, and emailed us a receipt the same day. It seems to work fine, and the hot water pressure is a bit better than before. Plus with a bigger resin bed it does not have to cycle so often. Very satisfied!
— Kendra Tutsch, Lodi
I arrived at their location with my water samples and within about 10 minutes Juan confirmed that our Hellenbrand water softener was doing its job as designed. While our water softener is 18 years old, he told me how I can maintain it myself and keep track of how well it’s working. He also went through how to set up the water softener refresh cycle and even answered my questions about how it works. While I don’t need a new water softener yet, I know exactly where I’m going when I do need one—Hellenbrand
— Mike Vavrus, Cottage Grove
We love Hellenbrand water products and the expertise that Jeff shares. I appreciate that as a builder and remodeler, when I have questions I can reach him personally if needed. We have both a Hellenbrand softener and RO system in our home - it’s the only brand we use.
— Abe D., De Forest WI